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All fees are correct at the time of going to press.

Examination, accreditation and administration costs are generally included in the course fees - however, some are shown as additional to the course fee and need to be paid on enrolment. Please check the details in each course description and course outline carefully.

All exam / accreditation and administration fees are non-refundable as they are passed onto external examining bodies.

Finance & Grant Aid

Student Support Funding (Grant Aid) - For accredited courses the College receives Learner Support Funding from the ESFA. For details of the funds available and application forms please follow the links below:


16-19 Bursary

                 19+ Student Support Fund ALL Bursary


College Charity - Bexley Trust for Adult Students

The College charity provides grants for students who are not on accredited courses but have difficulty with the cost of the course or other fees. Students are expected to contribute at least 50% of the costs on enrolment. Application forms are available from Customer Services or online.

Completed application forms for non-accredited or accredited courses, together with full evidence to support the application should be submitted within 7 days of enrolling.

For more information contact:

Tel: 020 3045 5176
Email: enquiries@lecb.ac.uk

Advanced Learning Loans

Advanced Learning Loans are available to people aged 19+

The loan is easy to apply for, eligibility doesn't depend on your income and there are no credit checks. It will fund your college course at Level 3 and above, including Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships.

You only start to pay back the loan once you've finished your course and you're earning over £21,000. Until then you don't need to pay back anything, but you can make voluntary repayments at any time.

In addition, Student Finance England will write off any outstanding Advanced Learner Loan balances you owe for an Access to HE course once you complete a higher education course. This means you don't have to repay it. The higher education course must be eligible for student finance.

You can download an application or complete it online on

Many of our Level 3 and higher programmes are eligible for the loan and are marked with an Advanced Learning Loan (ALL) symbol. However, there are some exceptions which unfortunatley are not. However, please contact the College to find out about other ways to pay and instalment plans.


Contact us on 020 3045 5176 or email: enquiries@lecb.ac.uk



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Career Development Loans

Professional and Career Development Loans are bank loans to pay for courses and training that help with your career or help get you into work.You may be able to borrow between £300 and £10,000.
Loans are usually offered at a reduced interest rate and the government pays interest while you're studying.For more information go to:


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