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Link to Wood Carving Gallery



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Embroidery / Applique

Some work by our beginners class with tutor Carrie Trigg.


Wood Carving

Take a look at some of the work made by our talented learners in our Wood Carving class. Using different woods and techniques they have produced some quite extraordinary results.

The class welcomes new learners, from complete beginners to the more experienced.


Summer Festival

The College held a Summer Festival Exhibition. There were many diverse entries from mosaic and montage to watercolour and woodcarving there were contributions from 70 of our
talented learners.

The Exhibition was well-received, here are some of the comments visitors made.

"An enjoyable experience – it inspires me to take up
painting and pottery".

"Fabulous work, wonderful creativity – am so impressed with all the work the College does".

"Lots of inspirational stuff".