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Exam / Qualification

Taking the Exam

All courses marked with the Q symbol are accredited courses. Students who enrol on these courses MUST take the accreditation with the College and not elsewhere. If you enrol on an examination course and do not take the exam, you may be charged at the rate of £10.00 per hour for the whole course. The College would not expect you to be studying the same qualification elsewhere.

You will be notified of the scheduled exam date for your subject
as soon as the information is available.  If you fail to attend the scheduled date but still want to take the exam there will be an additional charge. Alternative dates are not available for all exams, eg. GCSEs.

Interview and Information Sessions

Some courses require a pre-enrolment interview or information session, please see course entries which will be marked with i and course outlines for details.

First Session Guidance

Courses marked with the G symbol include a first week guidance session. Your enrolment will not be confirmed until you have attended this session. If, after discussion with your tutor, you decide that the course is not suitable, you may cancel your enrolment on that course or transfer to a more suitable course (subject to availability). If you cancel your enrolment you will be entitled to receive a full refund, provided we receive your notice of cancellation within 7 working days of the first week guidance session and you do not attend any further sessions of that course.

Attendance & Withdrawal

All students should attend regularly for a minimum of 85% of their course. If you are going to be absent you must notify the College on 020 3045 5176.

Some courses may have a minimum attendance requirement. Failure to meet this may mean that you are unable to achieve the qualification.

If you are absent for 4 consecutive weeks without informing the College, you will automatically be withdrawn from the course. As the withdrawal of students affects the funding the College receives, those students who withdraw without good reason will be invoiced depending on their funding status, up to a maximum of £10.00 per course hour.

Please see Attendance Policy

Exam Entries

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their own examination and accreditation entries.
For exam queries only 020 8298 2721 / 2722 / 2723 / 2724

Online Exams

Many courses now have online exams or assessments. You will be informed on your Course Outline or by your tutor about your exam.

Learning Agreements

You will be asked to complete and sign a Learning Agreement stating that you have discussed course objectives with your tutor. This is in addition to your Student Learning Record.

Taking more than two accredited courses?

If you wish to take more than two accredited courses with the College in one academic year, please contact the Careers Advice Team for advice before enrolling on 020 8298 2822.

To contact the College telephone

020 3045 5176